Hubway is F-ing Back!

In case you haven’t been able to figure it out, I’m excited about this.  I get excited about very random and strange things and the return of Hubway is definitely one of them.

Tomorrow is a huge day for me.  It’s an annual event known simply as “THE STORM”.  Every year on the first day of the NCAA tournament my former roommate and good friend dedicates himself and his entire day to watching the games ALL DAY at Game On in Boston.  Along the way, he has picked up a number of avid fans, myself included, who take the day off, pack a bag and attempt to match his dedication to brews and bar food…oh and basketball!

Sure this is a grand event but it always kicks off a great weekend of fun and frivolity as the weekend holds 3 birthdays and SAINT PATRICK”S DAY for members of out little tribe.  The “STORM” creator is Saturday, my other former roommate is Sunday and my birthday is Monday!  You can only imagine how fun this weekend was when we where all in college at Northeastern and Dropkick Murphy’s played 4 shows in 3 days around St.Pat’s on Lansdowne.

Well, I’m excited to report that we’ve all grown up(a little) but the birthday trifecta will keep the weekend going and be celebrating Boston St.Pats the best way we know how.  At the Bruins game!

The best part for me is that we will be able to travel, at least early on, free as birds on F-ING HUBWAY BIKES!!!!!!!!!   We all have stations right by our apartments or the apartments we will be crashing in for the weekend and life is just great!

New Balance Hubway | Your bike sharing system in Boston.

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