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  • Cool Bike Rider Crash Barstool Sports: Boston

    This is one of those things you see on the internet that I just don’t know how to play.  I’m caught squarely in my own personal moral “no mans land”. First and foremost, I don’t ever want to see a fellow rider injured.  I’ve been lucky in my career to avoid any real serious crashes […]

  • Game 7- No Cable, No Problem. The Bruins Love Bikes!

    I’m spending my day crushing finals and making Freight Farm deals.  All the while, I’m just thinking about where to watch the game tonight.  As always, I’m open to suggestions.  As long as I walk peddle from my place!

  • Hubway is F-ing Back!

    In case you haven’t been able to figure it out, I’m excited about this.  I get excited about very random and strange things and the return of Hubway is definitely one of them. Tomorrow is a huge day for me.  It’s an annual event known simply as “THE STORM”.  Every year on the first day […]

  • Do you want a Party, a card……….

    As the one year anniversary of my CarFree life approaches, I’ve been thinking about what I should do to commemorate the occasion.  It doesn’t seem right to have a party (although that is my default thought process) but it seems like I should do something. Alcoholics have a ceremony and get a one-year coin, right? […]

  • EL Pres Rockin CarFree Lifestyle

    If you’re into the Blog Game, then you probably know Barstool Sports.  If you’re in the blog game and from Boston, you MUST know Barstool Sports and it’s founder, El Pres.  I’ll skip my useless description of this juggernaut and just tell you to check it out.  I was a fan before CarFreeBrad.com and continue […]

  • Just When You Think We’ve Hit Rock Bottom As A Society Somebody Goes And Steals Shawn Bradley’s Custom Bicycle- Barstool Sports

    Turns out I’m a bigger fan or Barstool Sports than I thought because this is the second piece I’ve pulled from them. I just liked the mental image of someone stealing Shawn Bradley’s ENORMOUS custom bike. Check it out if you are into “bike humor” like I am. » Just When You Think We’ve Hit […]

  • Naked Baby Pictures, Illegal or Funny?

    I really didn’t want to get into this debate because it has nothing to do with the premise of CarFreeBrad.com but it’s a friday, I’m stuck in a basement building a cedar closet at my parents house and I don’t know how this debate will go. As a blogger, I default to defending a fellow […]

  • Big Game Underwear? The Saga of the Bad Boxer Continues!

    “So I was packing up for my trip to Miami last night and quickly realized my underwear sucks. All my big game pairs are still dirty from Nantucket. All I got left are some year old Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs. I feel like I’m going to get laughed right out of South Beach […]