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  • A Passionate Reader’s Journey: From Dyslexic Child to Book Lover

    A reader is born. That’s how I like to think of it. Because, really, that’s what happened. I was born a reader, but it wasn’t always easy. In fact, up until 4th grade, I hated school because I couldn’t read. But then something amazing happened: I learned to read and my world opened up. In…

  • Am I a better person?

    This CarFreeBrad experiment turned lifestyle has been going for somewhere near 5 years and I’ve learned a lot during that time. Now that there’s been enough time, broken bikes, scrapes and experiences under my belt I’ve started to ask myself a compelling question. Has a bike first lifestyle made me a better person? When it…

  • I’M BACK!

    Unfortunately, I let my domain lapse for a few weeks and just now have been able to get CarFreeBrad.com back online.  It’s not “in action” yet.  To actually create content is a bit more involved.  But topics that are on my mind: How many riding days have been lost due to Boston’s winter? Does CarFreeBrad…

  • What Hell Is That……a dinosaur?

    Sometimes in my carfree life journey, I wish my brain could just dump it all on the page because every time I try to write my fingers can’t keep up and it comes out as complete jibberish.  I’ve been having one of those weeks! Although, I’m really excited some recent handlebar mods and eager to…

  • CarFreeBrad Talking Freight Farms on Boston.com

    In case you missed it last week in your post NYE haze and because I didn’t post it (and I know you get all your info from  carfreebrad.com) here I am from Bosotn.com explaining and talking about Freight Farms. http://bcove.me/g8mrrd9g  

  • Everyone Else Is Doing It: CarFreeBrad Year in Review

    No use trying to fight it.  Everyone and their mother is doing a “Year in Review” or “Best of List” so I guess I’ll do that to but I’m not going to think about it and just freestyle a post about 2012! First, I can’t believe this CarFreeBrad thing is still going!  I started this…

  • Is Looking Cheating?

    The Tour De France rolls into its final week and I’ve barely watch any of it, my fantasy team is a complete disaster and the crank on my commuter bike is still busted.  Needless to say I need a nice distraction from all this. That brings me to the question of the age-old past time…

  • It’s Fantasy….or is it?

    Join the Carfreebrad.com Tour De France mini league. I’ll personally guarantee that all your friends will look down upon you and judge you while secretly bring jealous. That’s the pinnacle of COOL! Do it! Password is…. Wait for it…..carfreebrad Visit my mini league “CarFreeBrad.com”

  • In Case You Are Wondering….

    With the start of MassChallenge for Freight Farms these past few weeks the last thing I needed was this computer issue to distract from CarFreeBrad.com.

  • The Great White Buffalo of Bike Commuting

    As far as bike commuting in the Worcester area goes this is the equivalent of building a “Bigfoot” lounge in a national park.