I’m an idea to series B operator who thrives where bits & bytes meet physical things. These three pillars represent the areas I gravitate toward but I can’t limit my curiosity. I’m interested in all manner of connections and topics to further develop the pillars and discover intersecting ways to apply my energy and expertise.

The most rewarding endeavors have started in unlikely places with unlikely people and the “digital first” world is a great opportunity to connect, learn and collaborate like never before.

The pillars are in development through these ongoing conversations, therefore incomplete. Each pillar will grow into a robust hypothesis that guides my decision making process. I invite you to connect, bring your thoughts and/or poke holes in my thesis’.

Clean Tech/Energy

I have the most excitement and the most to learn here.

Clean tech has evolved & developed so much in the past 10 years since I left.

I need to develop my opinion from scratch on what’s new, next and why.

I have the least clarity today on where I will apply myself here.

Food Ag/Tech

I have strong opinions on CEA, Indoor Ag and Agtech that I will explore, expand and apply.

2020 has accelerated cyclical trends and revealed structural changes across the food system that is pulling everyone into the future.

I anticipate spending time helping new tech get to market and traditional companies entering the space.

Investing in the Future

Early investors that bring the right perspective and experience to these industries will see outsized returns.

The sources of capital for impact driven tech companies in these important spaces is rapidly changing.

I expect to explore investing through the lens of my experience to maximize alignment, impact and returns.

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