CarFreeBrad Documentary….really?

In case you were wondering, the rumors are true.  There will be a 25 minute documentary done about CarFreeBrad aka me.  To say it’s weird is the understatement of the year but it’s also amazingly flattering and humbling.

I’m yet to grasp that people actually read this crazy blog and someone wants to dedicate the time and energy to make a documentary about it.  It has all been a bit surreal but has also really helped me start to focus on what CarFreeBrad should be all about.  I say “start” because I don’t think I could ever clearly define the “mission” of this thing.  It’s just happening, changing and growing everyday kind of like all of us.  Is growing better, stronger and faster or just getting old?  That’s more up to you than me but I hope it remain relevant.

Anyway, we just did a few hours of direct interviews so I had to think more about more today than I have since it started.  I think the best part of this is that I’m no closer to a clear-cut answer.  In fact, I’m filled with more questions!

It’s the Friday afternoon before Thanksgiving, I’m exhausted after the unofficial launch of Freight Farms and can’t muster any humor now.  I just hope I don’t look like too much of turkey in the film but if I do that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. (when in doubt end with an awful turkey joke)

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