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  • CarFreeBrad Documentary….really?

    In case you were wondering, the rumors are true.  There will be a 25 minute documentary done about CarFreeBrad aka me.  To say it’s weird is the understatement of the year but it’s also amazingly flattering and humbling. I’m yet to grasp that people actually read this crazy blog and someone wants to dedicate the […]

  • Occupy Your Life!- “Free Me” Movement Revisited!

    This is re-post from a few months ago, but given the interest in the Occupy Movement and people beginning to question the moral compass of pretty much everything.  I ask, why not start at home?  A lot of us can’t/don’t want to camp out at our local town common.  We might not be able to […]

  • The Movement is Catching On…..

    There is no use in fighting it anymore, you can’t outwit fate.  We’ve all been wasting an afternoon and seen one of the seven Final Destination movies where a group of people cheat death but it was their time so they all get killed in the most bizarre ways possible because you just can’t cheat […]