Worcester Mag- Two Minutes With…Brad McNamara

Two Minutes With…Brad McNamara | Worcester Mag | 

Holy Cow!  I’m famous!  Ok, maybe not but it’s cool to see CarFreeBrad getting some print love.

On World CarFree Day, CarFreeBrad is in Worcester Magazine!  It couldn’t be anymore perfect!

The piece is funny and I like the way it came out but what’s with the picture they used.  I took a closer look and there’s no way around it, I look weird!  But I suppose everyone thinks that when they see a picture of themselves.  I just wish someone had told me I looked half angry, half confused with a splash of drunk mixed in.

Anyway, read the piece and pass it along!  I want this to jumpstart the movement.

One response to “Worcester Mag- Two Minutes With…Brad McNamara”

  1. What is a good substitute for wresector sauce? I am living in rural Japan right now, and I can’t find the sauce at my grocery store. I was able to find everything else listed included the optional seasonings.


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