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  • A New Journey Has Begun…

    A New Journey Has Begun…

    I explored a number of areas that I’m passionate about but nothing has the ongoing and potential environmental, health, and community impact of food.  The past 12 years working to transform the food supply chain has equipped me to question the fundamental assumptions of the current system.

  • After 6 Months Off, It’s gotta’ be good! Right?

    I wish I could say that I’ve taken the last 6 months to build up a backlog of witty, insightful posts that will blow your mind and leave you changed forever but that would be a HUGE lie! I’ve been eyeball deep in Freight Farms this entire year.  I can’t say I regret it as […]

  • Dharmesh Shah has OnStartups….

    I’ve Got CarFreeBrad & I love it! As a fan of Hubspot from a product/customer perspective, I’ve thought about Dharmesh’s founding story quite a few times, about how Hubspot got started partially out of his experience with his blog Onstartups while a student in Boston.  Recently, I got to hear him tell the story at […]

  • What Hell Is That……a dinosaur?

    Sometimes in my carfree life journey, I wish my brain could just dump it all on the page because every time I try to write my fingers can’t keep up and it comes out as complete jibberish.  I’ve been having one of those weeks! Although, I’m really excited some recent handlebar mods and eager to […]

  • It’s BACK! A real post & HUBWAY!

    It’s been a whirlwind few weeks with Freight Farms joining the TechStars family.  If you’re not familiar with Techstars, don’t worry you’re not alone, but it’s what you might call “Kind of a Big Deal”.  Without going into, because I’m exhausted after this week, I’ll simply say I can see why they crank out winners. […]

  • Where? Doing What?

    Freight Farms is honored to have joined the family at Techstars Boston last week and we’ve already made major progress. But an issue I saw coming has become more pressing. I don’t know if it’s the reality or the reaction, that is driving a higher level of urgency. My best guess is a mix of […]

  • In Case You Are Wondering….

    With the start of MassChallenge for Freight Farms these past few weeks the last thing I needed was this computer issue to distract from CarFreeBrad.com.

  • GSOM Gala Recap. CarFreeBrad won an Award, sorta’!

    Last night was the Clark University Graduate School of Management Annual Year End Gala.  It was at the Higgins Armory in Worcester which is a great venue with a ton of cool armor to play with and a cool exhibits everywhere.  The DJ was good, food was outstanding and drinks were tasty.  Overall, it was […]

  • Boston Globe Coverage, For Reals!

    I’m a little sad to report that I wasn’t able to work CarFreeBrad.com into the conversation.  The Globe reporter was very focused on Freight Farms. Anyway, I didn’t get much coverage but I’ll take a few lines on page 7 of the Business section if I can get it.  I feel like this just opens […]

  • Busy Like a Bee with Barely a Moment to Pee!

    Let the record contracts start rolling in!  When you drop rhymes like that without even trying it’s easy to see why some would rank it: Biggie Jay Z  Nas CarFreeBrad Eminem The 4/5 spot really bounces back and forth between us.  But I’m humble and have no problem sharing the #4 spot with Marshall. Ok, […]