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  • MBTA mTicket Experience- Quick Tip for Commuters!

    After a much ballyhooed debut and trial at North Station routes, the MBTA mTicket app is available to me to get from South Station to Worcester! I downloaded it last night and tried it for the first time this morning and things went great!  Other than the downright abrasive nature of the ticket taker on […]

  • An Overlooked Survival Tool: The Bicycle

    I can’t say enough about bikes and biking.  Even at times when I hate bikes, I love them.  On its worst day, a bike still beats all other modes of transport in so many ways.  Just add one more to the list- Survival Tool! Before Hurricane Sandy took out power, subways, buses, and some roads […]

  • It’s a $3 charge, broken or not! Conspiracy Theory!

    Ticket machine broken at union station but they only take cash on the train and the no name ATM charges $3 for cash. No matter how you cut it, my one way ticket to Boston costs $13. If I were UnionStation, I’d make sure the ticket machine was always broken so I could take the […]

  • Serenity on Shrewsbury St

    This will be the last time I apologize for not posting more.  I’m busy and my computer screen only works about 46% of the time. Anyway, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of not having time or money to fix my busted commuter bike over the last few weeks and had to use my road bike. […]

  • If it ain’t fixed, don’t break it!

    I’ve been known to rip on the MBTA especially the Worcester station for the ticket machine being out of order for 6 months but today all is right with the world. The ticket machine is fixed and even has a new sign indicating that it is the last resort for those of us who never […]

  • If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times….

    Now I’m starting to sound like my mom.  This was one of her favorite lines when I was growing but she usually had to say 1000 times before I would listen. I don’t want to/like to bitch and moan about the MBTA.  The fact remains that I don’t have a choice getting in and out […]

  • 2012 Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride

    Now that the hoopla around Marathon Monday has died down and the weather is slightly more seasonal, I think it’s prudent to comment on one of the coolest parts of the Boston Marathon, the bike riders! Although I was unable to attend, this event is officially on the CarFreeBrad calendar for next year and I […]

  • Wellesley(Cougar/MILF) Rack of the Day!

    Return of the Rack, return of the rack! It’s back ladies and gents.  CarFreeBrad’s RACK OF THE DAY! On my commute into Boston, I had the glorious misfortune of being stuck on “a bad piece of equipment” which is MBTA speak for the “f*cking thing is busted but we have no idea what’s wrong”.  So […]

  • Dear MBTA,

    I understand that you are facing some huge deficit and need to make some very difficult decisions.  I don’t envy your position because no matter what you do some segment of the population is going to be upset with you. I have two requests that I ask you to consider.  First, Do not refer to […]

  • From Running Late to Just Plain Running- Oh Sh*t! The train is moving!

    So I needed a few days to collect my thoughts and decide exactly how to approach this CarFree event in my life.  It seems best to avoid building it up any more and just tell the story. It was Thursday night and the end of a long day.  I had spent the evening celebrating 2012 […]