Rack of the Day- Matty B Special!

I got this one over the weekend from a good friend of CarFreeBrad.com and didn’t want to put it out into the world until you people would see it.  If you are anything like the writer of this blog and his friends who send in Rack of the Day candidates, the weekends are spent in a lot of ways but only one involves devoted time to the internet and is not polite to talk about here.

He sent to me from the Harpoon Brewery where they immediately began to re-think the entire tour business upon his eventual exit!  I just wish I had been there!

I was gonna’ do a piece about Matty B with the highlights and lowlights of our time as friends and encourage everyone to check him out on Pixy 103, but I’m lazy and it’s raining so I decided to Google him and give you the links that came up so you can paint your own virtual picture of the man, the myth, the (Smackdown karaoke at Hyannis BBC) legend!

Matty B Radio Bio!

Hit up that FACEBOOK Page!!

SMACKDOWN Karaoke…….Be There!

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