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    I made this video on October 19, 2011 while living in Worcester, MA. It’s kinda’ sad how much of my rain routine hasn’t changed.  The one positive sign of learning, is my foot solution. I’ve iterated to something that “kinda” works unless it’s really coming down or I go thru a big puddle or ride […]

  • What Hell Is That……a dinosaur?

    Sometimes in my carfree life journey, I wish my brain could just dump it all on the page because every time I try to write my fingers can’t keep up and it comes out as complete jibberish.  I’ve been having one of those weeks! Although, I’m really excited some recent handlebar mods and eager to […]

  • CarFreeBrad’s Hero!

    What is the worst way to end your day?  That’s an easy one! Walk out into the rain, after forgetting your raingear to find the back tire is flat. After about 60 seconds of absolute rage. I reached out to some bike friends and found Mr.Will Merry was ready to jump right up. Not only did […]

  • If you don’t know, now you know…..

    There is a company on Facebook called Slick Bikes,  look them up and “like” them asap if you are interested in bikes, biking, bike gear….you get the idea. They offer great deals that they find across the internet on a variety of things from racks to frames and everything in between.  The aspect that forced […]

  • Rack of the Day- Matty B Special!

    I got this one over the weekend from a good friend of CarFreeBrad.com and didn’t want to put it out into the world until you people would see it.  If you are anything like the writer of this blog and his friends who send in Rack of the Day candidates, the weekends are spent in […]

  • I’m not Handicapped, I’m CarFree!

    I am, by nature, a planner.  I’ve gone off from time to time about living my life according to “you never know” and planning accordingly.  I like to plan and I like having a good plan but I’m also very cognizant of the fact that no good plan goes unbroken.  I like to consider my […]

  • Rack of the Day: Help Me, Help You!?!?!?!

    In honor of this weeks launch of Boston’s Bike Sharing program I decided to focus on the racks that I want everyone in Boston, around Boston or traveling to Boston to look out for as they become active. Take a picture of the Hubway Racks, you on the Hubway Bikes, you on the Hubway bikes […]

  • Rack of the Day!

    I was at the Worcester Library this past weekend.  Yes, they have one and it’s pretty nice.  I mean a library is pretty hard to screw up, books, tables some computers and you’re done! They had this nice rack out front with one lone bike.  It looked so sad, I just had to snap a […]