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  • Wellesley(Cougar/MILF) Rack of the Day!

    Return of the Rack, return of the rack! It’s back ladies and gents.  CarFreeBrad’s RACK OF THE DAY! On my commute into Boston, I had the glorious misfortune of being stuck on “a bad piece of equipment” which is MBTA speak for the “f*cking thing is busted but we have no idea what’s wrong”.  So […]

  • Rack of the Year! In A Bar!

    I went to the Spirit of 77 for diner and beers…..this thing forced me to reinstate the “Rack of the Day”. I mean a city has to be #1 in “bike-friendliness” when the bars have bike racks. I repeat, the bars have bike racks! Awesome!

  • Rack of the Day- Rich get Robbed Too!

    I won’t tell you how I ended up in Wellesley, Ma this week but I will tell you that I wore a pink polo shirt and slippers to try to fit in. It worked like a charm. I was a local within 30 seconds and fully accepted into their club. I got off the train […]

  • Rack of the Day- Matty B Special!

    I got this one over the weekend from a good friend of CarFreeBrad.com and didn’t want to put it out into the world until you people would see it.  If you are anything like the writer of this blog and his friends who send in Rack of the Day candidates, the weekends are spent in […]

  • The Means and The End.

    The past few weeks I have been giving more and more thought to “why” CarFreeBrad.com.  From the beginning I made a point not to go too deep into the philosophical and wanted to allow that answer to develop over time.  The benefit of this approach is twofold.  1.) I didn’t have to start this experiment […]

  • Rack of the Day: Help Me, Help You!?!?!?!

    In honor of this weeks launch of Boston’s Bike Sharing program I decided to focus on the racks that I want everyone in Boston, around Boston or traveling to Boston to look out for as they become active. Take a picture of the Hubway Racks, you on the Hubway Bikes, you on the Hubway bikes […]

  • Rack of the Day!

    I was at the Worcester Library this past weekend.  Yes, they have one and it’s pretty nice.  I mean a library is pretty hard to screw up, books, tables some computers and you’re done! They had this nice rack out front with one lone bike.  It looked so sad, I just had to snap a […]