LeBron James says he bikes to most Heat home games

Oh my God, I hate LeBron James.  Rather than go through the reasons (most of them are completely irrational anyway) and have to back them up with evidence and/or conviction, I’ll just add this to the list of why I can’t stand this guy.  90022314

But, in the same breath, I understand that millions of people(see stupid kids who don’t know any better) idolize him and follow the example he sets.  For that, I’ll simply thank LeBron for setting this example.  Every bit of bike news that makes it cool for kids to bike rather than drive is OK with me.

LeBron James says he bikes to most Heat home games to stay in shape | Ball Don’t Lie – Yahoo! Sports.

Go ahead and check out the story.  Feel free to comment about the ways that LeBron is a fraud and that this is just an extension of that!

One response to “LeBron James says he bikes to most Heat home games”

  1. Actually, sports figerus were off-limits with TMZ because they really weren’t celebrities, per se. I mean, who really cares if Baron Davis buries his beard where it really shouldn’t be buried? But last week TMZ announced that next year they’ll be starting a sports site, so a lot of the bigger sports stars, including LeBron, will have to watch their wieners closer and keep them under wraps. So to speak. It took 20 years for devoted father and husband Dr. J’s secret love child to be revealed. With TMZ, it will take two minutes for them to reveal LeBron’s 16 love children. Unless his people pay off TMZ, which of course is likely. My guess is LeBron makes Shawn Kemp look like a prude.


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