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A New Journey Has Begun…

I explored a number of areas that I’m passionate about but nothing has the ongoing and potential environmental, health, and community impact of food.  The past 12 years working to transform the food supply chain has equipped me to question the fundamental assumptions of the current system. Continue reading

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McNamara Family Bushido

Previously I wrote about A Prepared Mind in the Time of Covid- Part 1 and committed to share my family bushido as I explore more about mental models and construct my own approach. Here you go: Live below our means … Continue reading

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How I Read…

During the last 8 months, my family has managed to get out of our urban apartment on a couple of occasions to spaces that are more suited to quarantine. This week as I was packing for the latest temporary relocation, … Continue reading

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A Prepared Mind In the Time of Covid- Part 1

About 7 months ago I wrote about how Covid had challenged all the assumptions I had made architecting my life over the past decade(Oops, my life choices). I had no idea that the shitshow was only getting started! I struggled … Continue reading

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Oops, my life choices! Living in the time of Covid-19

A few days ago I sent this tweet inspiring a full post because this is an issue I’m going to need to put some brainspace toward and why not do that in public… I architected my life with a clear … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequence…I love my daughter!

In 3 weeks of isolation, I’ve learned a lot about being a father, a dad and myself! Continue reading

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It’s been almost 8 years since I was a broke as hell grad student living in a new city who wanted to learn what it’s like to live life “Bike First”. I’ve learned SO much over the years but have … Continue reading

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Unfortunately, I let my domain lapse for a few weeks and just now have been able to get back online.  It’s not “in action” yet.  To actually create content is a bit more involved.  But topics that are on … Continue reading

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Dharmesh Shah has OnStartups….

I’ve Got CarFreeBrad & I love it! As a fan of Hubspot from a product/customer perspective, I’ve thought about Dharmesh’s founding story quite a few times, about how Hubspot got started partially out of his experience with his blog Onstartups … Continue reading

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I made this video on October 19, 2011 while living in Worcester, MA. It’s kinda’ sad how much of my rain routine hasn’t changed.  The one positive sign of learning, is my foot solution. I’ve iterated to something that “kinda” … Continue reading

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