Some Days You’ve Got It, Others You F-ing Don’t!

Today was a big old DON’T!  I had a accelerated finance class from 9am-5pm, my rain gear suffered a wardrobe malfunction, my glasses broke while resting on my head.

The straw that broke the bikers back was when my pedal went ahead a BROKE off as I tried to get through a treacherous rotary in Worcester.  If you’re driving around Worcester, keep an eye out for my peddle as it’s being kicked around the rotary by Union Station.

I guess all these runs and squats are paying off.  Seriously, how much thunder must be in these thighs to snap a pedal right off.  Tune in tomorrow when I rip telephone books in half!

One response to “Some Days You’ve Got It, Others You F-ing Don’t!”

  1. Go ahead and rip all the telephone books you want. I am totally amazed by what you are doing. And P.S. I miss your Mom!


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