When is 55 degrees at 10pm, what do you do?

You don’t read a god damn blog about riding a bike!  Get the hell out there with the rest of your “fair-weather friends” and go for a ride!

Yeah, I resorted to calling you names even if it isn’t true, just to cover up my laziness and my inner fraud.

The truth is, I caught a nasty little flu thing at the end of last week that just now is starting to loosen its grip on me and on the greatest riding day of the year after one ride across town and back, I had to borrow my GF’s car to go to work tonight.  It was one of those, half wanted to, half didn’t want to, three-quarters she wasn’t gonna’ not let me after having to deal with my sick ass for 3 days and listening to me cough up a lung when I got home earlier.

In short, I’m a fraud tonight but at least I’m a fraud on the easiest night of 2012 to ride!

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