The Sunday Drive

As I rode across town this morning I was in a good and contemplative mood.  Probably because I got to sleep in until 7 and was more well rested than I’ve been in a few weeks.

There was no particular instance the brought it on but I started to think about “The Sunday Drive” as a concept, activity and past time.  I feel like my parents are the last generation that would consider a “sunday drive” as something to do.  Hell, my parents even had a goofy term for it that my sisters and I grew to hate when we became pain in the ass teenagers, CALOOPIN (CAH- LOOP-IN).

I never understood this obsession with just going for a drive, as an adult.  As a teenager there are 150 reasons(most considered negative social behaviors) to go for a drive. But the concept they and everyone else seemed to embrace involved piling the whole family into the car and randomly touring (my nice way of saying driving around aimlessly).

After 51 weeks living CarFree, I think I get it.  Maybe the past year has allowed me to rediscover my appreciation of cars but this morning it seemed like a nice idea.  Fill the rig with my nearest and dearest (as I dont’ have a family) and go for a drive to anywhere we want.

I think I finally get it!

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