New Record Set Last night

I’m so happy to report that I had a record-setting ride home from campus last night.  Normally when I cruise home at night my interaction or reaction to my fellow bikers is that of disdain, disgust, pity and anger.  That’s because, as you may read here before, the only bikers I see somehow always seem to be riding against traffic(sometimes in the middle of the street) with no lights(or even reflectors), dressed in all black who get angry at drivers and me for almost hitting them.  Each time this happens which is a lot along the route I usually take, I get home feeling like a beaten man because those people set driver/biker relations back every time they are on the road.  Worst of all, they are hurting  both sides by turning drivers against us and turning potential bikers off to the idea of riding.

Well, last night that all changed or at least was offset.  I saw TWO other bikers, both on Main St in Worcester that were doing everything right!  Each had solid layers on, gloves, quality helmets, reflectors and lights (white in front & red in back) that could be seen from at least a few hundred yards.  The second biker may have been a bit freaked out because I came to a near stop and stared like a creep as he went by.

It really was an uplifting experience.  I got home feeling great about being CarFree and the potential for Worcester evolve in a great “bike-city”.  Sure this is a huge overreaction to a tiny example of progress but as the weather turns ugly and the sun is up for about 40 minutes a day, I’ll take what I can get.

Every tiny step forward counts!


2 responses to “New Record Set Last night”

    • Thanks for the support and kind words! It makes facing the winter easier. I’m working on some more videos to add,but a Clark University Grad student is doing a documentary on the CarFreeBrad movement that should be out in January. After that I’ll have more video tips, rants, etc.

      Keep an eye out for the documentary.


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