I have my license and ride my bike by choice!

There, I said it!  There’s been a rash of discussion/comments in my sphere of consciousness insinuating that only people with multiple DUI’s ride bikes to get arouherman-on-the-kids-bikend.

Maybe it’s a chip on my shoulder from my days of biking in Worcester.  I have to be honest, almost every time I stopped at the liquor store on my way across town back then, the bike rack was always pressed for space.  It’s a tragic fact of life that a grown man riding a pink childs bike will always stick out and make it seem that there are more DUI riders on the streets than really exist.

Fortunately, these days biking has pressed on and (dare I say it) gone mainstream. The fact that it’s so common now has me conflicted about how to address this issue.  I’m going to have to ruminate on this one for a bit as it seems to be parlaying into another concept that has been rattling around my head as I struggle categorize the most dangerous vehicles on the road.

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