Ironic Statement of the Year- Yeah, I said that!

I’ve always been a huge fan of documenting the silly and ironic things that people say when they talk about anything CarFree be it biking, running, walking, bus travel and any combination of these.  I don’t think any other blog gets more enjoyment out of these such statements.

As it happens, I didn’t have to go far to get the Ironic Statement of the Year as it came straight from mouth. No disclaimers, here it is:

“I feel like it’s not motorcycle weather, that season has passed.”

Here’s the context.  I was riding in my girlfriends car yesterday as we bounced around getting ready to host about 16 people at our tiny apt when I saw some guy cruise past on his Harley.  Almost without thinking, this statement just appeared coming out of my mouth before I could realize it.

It just serves as a great example of what a “car guy” I am and how “car-centric” my life has always been.  I quickly realized what I had said and then began to wonder what I would say if I even saw myself riding my bicycle.  I didn’t come up with anything positive so I decided to focus on the irony of CarFreeBrad making the above statement and laugh at myself.

I’m just glad my girlfriend was the only one who heard it, she is kind and won’t hold it over my head(I hope).

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