Worcester Bike Path- Your Thoughts?

So I received an email from one of the many email lists that I’ve gotten myself on.  I would give full credit but it came in late last night and I just cut the important part out on the fly so I have no idea who sent it.  To be honest, at this point, I get SOOO many emails from all these lists I’m on even if I had the time and desire, I don’t think I’d be able to find it.

Anyway, the message itself is very cool.  Apparently, a bunch of kids from WPI are investigating and/or planning a commuting bike path through Worcester.  As with any municipal project, they need community feedback and general interest in order to keep the project moving forward.

Worcester resident or not, fill it out for me as an act of support to make my commute easier!  Don’t you want me to be happy?

SURVEY: Click Here!

One response to “Worcester Bike Path- Your Thoughts?”

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