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  • Now that ZipCar is part of Avis, Does My Application Get Approved?

    This post harkens back to a few of my previous posts.  To summarize, my Zipcar application was denied a while back because I got a speeding ticket years ago and my current Freight Farms schedule/rapid company growth is making living CarFree exceedingly hard on me (and my very understanding GF). Over the last few weeks, […]

  • Most Active Post of 2012- “A Sad Day Indeed”

    A statement made by No One Ever, “I’m dying to know what the most active post on CarFreeBrad.com was last year!!!!”  With that in mind, it’s my blog and this type of thing fascinates me. If you know me and/or read CarFreeBrad at all this is in NO WAY a surprise you you. “It’s that […]

  • “Hell Yeah, I Love My Car: Living in Boston Without a Car Sucks”

    In case you missed it and that’s easy to do(tiny piece on page 22).  I got a little mention for Freight Farms in the March issue of Boston Magazine. I still haven’t seen it but I did see this article and thought it would be interesting to see what CarFreeBrad readers think of it.  As […]

  • The DMV can screw you even if you don’t drive!

    I have learned the hard way that you are never really outside of the grasp of the Department of Motor Vehicles.  We are all familiar with them.  They are that perpetual time suck of an agency whose ineptitude is only surpassed by their inability to recognize their own incompetence. As you can tell, I’m more […]