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  • NEED IT!!!! And You’ll Want it to!

    I need to get one of these bikes.  If nothing else, I want the lock feature.  Check it out, there is a feature for everyone. Audi e-bike in Motion – YouTube.  

  • Idiots: Two vs Four Wheels!

    Video Here This video is a great explanation that shines the spotlight on drivers as well as cyclists.  I love that he doesn’t pretend that cyclists ride like idiots just like drivers.  I’d be willing to bet the same guy who rolls thru a stop sign on his bike, goes home gets in his car […]

  • I don’t miss this.

    So I still get to drive from time to time and I ride in cars with people a decent amount.  My GF pointed out a phenomenon that I find hilarious. She is able to tell when I have been in a car or driven a car within the first 10 minutes of being home.  It […]

  • Pedaling for Peace 2011- Part 2. I Immediately Felt Bad About Myself!

    Some of you may have read my earlier post in which I started to cut into this young man Chris for wanting to ride his bike all over the place volunteering to promote peace and the environment.  As soon as I posted it, I felt bad about being so pessimistic toward my fellow cyclist.  In […]