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  • Friday Light Thoughts & Product Review

    After forgetting my gloves the other night when I had to ride home in the rain as the temperature plummeted, I realized I need to evaluate my glove situation.  I need a better solution.   Still the most pressing issue as the snow threaten more and more with each forecast is the footwear problem.  I […]

  • Colorless, Odorless, Invisible and Deadly

    That’s right, THE WIND! Oh God, winds gust of 30 to 50 mph this morning wreaking havoc on my morning commute.  It never ceases to amaze me the power of the wind.  Anyone that is skeptical of  wind energy as an effective form of providing energy only needs to take a short bike ride on […]

  • I’m all over the Radio!

    My interview on WICN’s “The Business Beat” airs this sunday at 10pm.  The 30 minute piece covers A LOT including, Clean Energy, Freight Farms and of course CARFREEBRAD.com. Here’s the commercial spot to tease you until Sunday. TEASING YOU LIKE CRAZY HERE

  • CarFreeBrad Radio Debut!!!!

    This has been a really tough week so far between this cold/flu/exhaustion, rain and kickstarter campaign getting into the critical timeframe below 50% but I think that is all about to change. CarFreeBrad is going multi-media this week, Friday at noon to be exact. LISTEN LIVE HERE I realized it was time to get back […]

  • New Record Set Last night

    I’m so happy to report that I had a record-setting ride home from campus last night.  Normally when I cruise home at night my interaction or reaction to my fellow bikers is that of disdain, disgust, pity and anger.  That’s because, as you may read here before, the only bikers I see somehow always seem […]

  • 30 Minutes……

    Until I potentially embarrass the hell out of myself.  I’m giving a guest lecture at Clark University on blogging and CarFreeBrad.  I’m excited but as with any important event last-minute doubts will creep in. I’m in that stage now.  Will they like me? Am I really interesting or knowledgable enough to do this?  I should […]

  • The Day I Long For Cigarette Butts

    Between a great Thanksgiving weekend, Freight Farms Kickstarter project being featured on a number of my favorite websites and this weather this week was looking to be pretty good. Overall, the week is still looking good but my commute this morning pulled be out of my great outlook on life for just a few minutes. […]

  • Most Searched CarFreeBrad Terms

    I don’t know if I should be disappointed, proud, or what.  Without further adieu the top two are: Busch beer camo cans Busch camo cans 2011 Like I said. Very Revealing!  Good to know what posts really make a difference in the world.  But it’s these revelations that make creating CarFreeBrad so great, these are […]

  • CarFreeBrad- Blog Talk

    I will be giving this lecture at Clark University and I have mixed feelings about it. The “mixed” part of my feelings comes from my complete lack of idea how to approach it. Apparently it will take place in a room where everyone has a computer and can follow along or practice different “techniques” I […]

  • CarFree Hygiene

    I had a revelation today.  It is now Friday and I have showered at my condo exactly once this week.  I’ve stopped in to brush the teeth, change and head back out quite a few times but nothing more than a touch up and costume change. You may be thinking that CarFreeBrad is a dirty […]