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  • CarFree Radio @Funky Murphy’s

    I had a great session of “Bikes & Beers” at Funky Murphy’s on Shrewsbury St in Worcester with the President of Clark University’s GSOM Student Body, Adam Brissette. We discuss Freight Farms, Boston Vs. Worcester, the future and a lot more! Listen here: CARFREE RADIO JANUARY 13th

  • CarFree Radio- First Show of 2012!

    First week back and we cover a lot of stuff check it out for fun discussion of my foot issues, Hubway helmets, New Belgium Brewing and a lot more! CarFree Radio January 6th!

  • Do you get burnt out?

    I’ve been asked this question quite a few times lately and a lot more over the course of my life.  My response has always been, what do you mean?  At which point, whom ever just asked it lists all the reasons from sleeping 2 hours a night to the stress of running a marketing company […]

  • CarFree Radio X-Mas Special

    I hope that you follow me on any outlet so that you had the chance to enter the Freight Farms Contest.  Click Here to Listen–  Also, I may extend the contest to anyone that donates before the next show and comments on Kickstarter that he/she wants to win the Bike&Beers Friday Guest Spot Contest!

  • CarFree Radio- Special Contest!

    Todays show is gonna’ be a bit off because we only have 8 days to reach our goal on Kickstarter for the Freight Farms Project.  Basically, if you want a really good, focused CarFree Radio Podcast then donate money NOW and then get a few of your buddies to donate! I’ve been playing with the […]

  • My CarFree People Discovered

    I met with two of the most inspiring people I know for lunch today to talk about this crazy, ambitious and (ohmygosh) great plan to change the world and create a company that will help people, businesses and communities for years. We met at Via, The Italian Table on Shrewsbury St in Worcester.  It’s a […]

  • CarFree By the Numbers: Gas Prices, Temps Going Down, Level of Satisfaction

    I’ve realized that a lot of my observations and opinion are based on highly subjective criteria without any real substantive evaluation.  That is fine for me but makes if very difficult to truly gauge how other CarFree people feel on the same issues.  Every CarFree situation is unique with hundred of variables that I couldn’t […]

  • Major Life Difference Between Bikers and Drivers

    So far this CarFreeBrad experiment has revealed one indisputable fact.  Forgetting your keys SUCKS way more if you travel by bike than car. The problem is based in the distance from said keys that you can travel in each instance. A driver will at worst get to his/her car, realize the missing item(keys) and have […]

  • Trade your Car for a Bike

    Whether you understand it or not it’s awesome.  New Belgium Brewery goes on a tour and at each stop someone committs to trade thier car for a sweet custom bike.  Don’t worry, I’ve already emailed them to find out when they will be in Worcester. New Belgium Trade your Car for a Bike It’s when […]

  • New King Of All Media- CarFreeBrad

    Listen live now to hear me taking over media one outlet at a time! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE