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  • Two Options: Full of Sh*t or Honest Mistake!

    I must correct the “EPIC RIDE” from post from the other day.  I couldn’t figure out what part of the map I created was wrong but it was.  The 48 miles seemed way too long and turns out it is. In order to honor the “Carfreebrad Ethos” to maintain honesty the best I can, here’s […]

  • Tough Commute After the Long Weekend

    The ride across town was especially slow this morning, my legs were just plain dead.  I had no pop in the old thighs.  At first,  I was a bit surprised but then a figure it out.  The answer is pretty obvious. This past weekend I spent a great few days in upstate NY just a […]

  • ATV-Bee! Epic Fail

    I felt it was imperative to post this video for a few reasons.  First because I find it funny as hell.  Second, no one was seriously hurt.  Finally, because I can justify posting an ATV video as “CarFree” on a technicality.  A little background, this game was invented a few years ago by my friends […]