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  • We Get It, It’s Cold! Check your Eyelids then Call Me

    Since the beginning I’ve been a staunch supporter of just going about your business.  I’ve actively tried to avoid the weather update posts.  I’d rather not post anything all winter then to liter this site with “It’s Snowing and I’m Still Biking” posts.  It’s New England, I’ve lived in the area my whole life, I […]

  • It’s Hot and Driving Sucks!

    I’m not here to complain that it’s been a million degrees the last couple days or to wax poetic about the weather. If nothing else, this heat has served to remind me how much better riding a bike is versus driving. I had the wholly unpleasant experience of catching a ride from Worcester to Boston […]

  • 10 inches!?!?!

    I’m finishing things up here in Portland and this city has the blog idea bank overflowing. I was riding a CarFree high after working on the Intel “build a bike” project at the Net Impact Conference with a couple of good guys from Claremont University MBA program. There are bikes everywhere, everyone one rides everywhere. […]

  • At Least I Know What I’m Getting

    I caught the weather on channel 5 this morning as I left my apt and I’m pretty sure they were talking snow for Thursday.  Couple of issues with that.  One, I’ll be in Oregon as of Wednesday night so it doesn’t really effect me.  Two, I’m a huge winter sports guys so this news causes […]