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  • Two Options: Full of Sh*t or Honest Mistake!

    I must correct the “EPIC RIDE” from post from the other day.  I couldn’t figure out what part of the map I created was wrong but it was.  The 48 miles seemed way too long and turns out it is. In order to honor the “Carfreebrad Ethos” to maintain honesty the best I can, here’s […]

  • ATV-Bee! Epic Fail

    I felt it was imperative to post this video for a few reasons.  First because I find it funny as hell.  Second, no one was seriously hurt.  Finally, because I can justify posting an ATV video as “CarFree” on a technicality.  A little background, this game was invented a few years ago by my friends […]

  • Upstate 2011- Poll Question: Maybe Vomit or Definately Vomit?

    Thursday to Sunday  on CarFreeBrad.com maybe very quiet!  I’ll be heading up (or down depending on where you come from) to upstate New York.  From Massachusetts it’s about 4 hours south about a quarter-mile down the road from the original site of Woodstock! It’s a great place with plenty of country but best of all, […]