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  • Idiots: Two vs Four Wheels!

    Video Here This video is a great explanation that shines the spotlight on drivers as well as cyclists.  I love that he doesn’t pretend that cyclists ride like idiots just like drivers.  I’d be willing to bet the same guy who rolls thru a stop sign on his bike, goes home gets in his car […]

  • Can You Believe This Was One Year Ago?

    At holidays I like to look back at old posts to see what I was up to and thinking a year or so ago. I read this post and realized how much has happened in the past year of my CarFreeBrad.com life and how much I have to be thankful for.  In short, I’ve been […]

  • Hubway Officially Launches Second Season Today, “Bike Czar” Nicole Freedman Resigns

    So I immediately considered dropping everything I’m doing to pursue being the next “Bike Czar”.  It’s such a natural progression I can’t even stand it. CarFreeBrad-Bike Czar, nice ring to it.  My whole life dedicated to innovative bike programs in the city.  I’m not gonna’ declare that a dream come true or my dream job, […]

  • Class Confusion- “Sir we have a strict policy”

    If anyone follows me on Twitter, you already saw this but I had to included it and explain it on CarFreeBrad.com.  I went to meet my dad at his golf club last night for diner.  It doesn’t often work out that I can go when I get the invite so it was a nice surprise […]

  • Fantasy Sports- I’m finally part of it!

    It has taken well over a decade but I’m finally feeling like a real man because I’ve started my first fantasy sports team.  I’ve spent years having to explain to my outraged fellow-man that I have no real interest in fantasy sports because I don’t care that much about some random shortstop’s OBP or HRs. […]