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  • The Search Continues

    Anyone that follows the trials and tribulations of CarFreeBrad know that I’ve been without my commuter bike lately and realized it is time for a replacement. I’ve been on the hunt but that hunt has intensified lately as the weather has turned because my road bike, with slick road tires has become more and more […]

  • Bike Commuting is Just Like Life

    Some days on my ride across town, I need to think about ANYTHING other than my current ride.  Today was one such day and I began to think about bike commuting as it relates to life.  I don’t know where this thought came from but it all came together as I struggled up a terribly […]

  • Sometimes You Just Don’t Have it in You!

    Yesterday was one of those days.  The weather was terrible with just absolute pouring rain in the morning.  I knew I had a full day of finals ahead and I was a little sore after running the Net Impact Green Run 5K at Clark University on Sunday so my motivation to get all my rain […]

  • Major Life Difference Between Bikers and Drivers

    So far this CarFreeBrad experiment has revealed one indisputable fact.  Forgetting your keys SUCKS way more if you travel by bike than car. The problem is based in the distance from said keys that you can travel in each instance. A driver will at worst get to his/her car, realize the missing item(keys) and have […]

  • Detroit Bike City!

    Watch this and you’ll know why I have a secret desire to ride with all the different cycle clubs across the nation. A promise to all of you: After I make a million dollars, I will take an entire month each year to ride my bike with as many cycle clubs as I can until […]