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  • Driving In Traffic- Dangerous but I Love it!

    Yet another post that my mom will love! If you ride a bike, you have to deal with riding in traffic.  It’s a fact of life that we all must get used to.  I just happen to really enjoy it, I don’t know why but I do.  But I must preface this statement with some […]

  • Down but Not Out!

    This week I had been feeling pretty negative about my bike commute and the CarFree lifestyle.  It just seemed that there was a lot dragging me down.  There has been the obvious rash of school bus and minivan incidents but it goes beyond that.  I had the realization that day light savings is just around […]

  • Loophole in law a hurdle to ticketing bikers!

    Some might think that as a cyclist with a solid anti-authority streak I might praise this and abuse it like a tax loophole.  But this loophole needs to be closed because it screws everything up for real cyclists that recognize that obeying the traffic laws only makes cycling easier if everyone does it, cars and […]