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  • Bicycle traffic signals get a green light

    Shout out to Matty B at Pixy106 for passing this along.  I love getting CarFree leads from people.  It makes me feel like great that more people will at least consider biking. As more people consider taking the bike out, moves like this put a huge smile on my face.  Any moves that increase the […]

  • Driving In Traffic- Dangerous but I Love it!

    Yet another post that my mom will love! If you ride a bike, you have to deal with riding in traffic.  It’s a fact of life that we all must get used to.  I just happen to really enjoy it, I don’t know why but I do.  But I must preface this statement with some […]

  • Shot in the Dark. My commute without a light.

    Didn’t have a free moment today to replace the front light on my bike so I had to just wing it.  Just so happens that this song jumped into my head and stayed there the whole ride.  I’m actually glad because it bumped out Beyoncé and that was just embarrassing. There were a few points […]