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  • Want to Win a Gold Medal? City of Boston Announces Bike Friendly Awards

    Another great BostonInno article that really highlights one of the many ways that Boston is pushing to full “bike-friendliness”.  Damn it Boston, I move to Worcester and within 2 years you get AWESOME!  It’s almost like the city of Boston is a former lover who is flaunting its new boyfriend.  At first, I thought I […]

  • Free Tune Ups!!!!!! What the ______????

    I had a grand plan to do an end of the week Rack of the Day entry to blow everyone’s mind and make me feel really good about myself as a blogger.  As seems to always be the case with CarFreeBrad.com, as soon as I come up with a good idea life steps in and […]

  • Rack of the Day: Help Me, Help You!?!?!?!

    In honor of this weeks launch of Boston’s Bike Sharing program I decided to focus on the racks that I want everyone in Boston, around Boston or traveling to Boston to look out for as they become active. Take a picture of the Hubway Racks, you on the Hubway Bikes, you on the Hubway bikes […]