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  • Maybe I’ve Lost a Step!

    After discovering the “original carfreebrad.com” out there on the internet, I began to scroll back through and read some older posts. This has led to a shocking realization, like a once great athlete that finally gets caught from behind in the open field with no excuses, I may have lost a blogging step.  Maybe I’m […]

  • How do I not be a dick? CarFreeBrad’s Awkward Moments

    To follow up my post on everyone’s kind words that get me by on those tough days, I’ve found myself wondering exactly how do I graciously accept comments, praise and just general CarFreeBrad acknowledgement? I’m no celebrity so it’s not a common occurrence that someone recognizes me as CarFreeBrad but I’m happy to say it […]

  • Definition of Insanity……

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein · It’s official, I’m insane! I learned my lesson on Monday or so I thought.  That lesson lasted until…….this morning! I showed up on campus for one meeting as a sweaty dripping mess. Of all the things I listed not […]

  • Note to Self………

    Let this be a lesson to all those who bike commute and a reminder to my future self because no matter how many times I learn this lesson, I never really learn it. Do NOT pound a huge cup of coffee, put on a suit, peddle across the city to sit through speeches/meet & greet […]

  • Too Hot to Post, No Really!

    Sometimes a tweet sums it all up.  As I stumbled down the street yesterday in a dark wool suit yesterday after an outdoor networking event, this is all I cold muster.  I made it about a half mile, at a snail’s pace,  before the floodgates absolutely opened up.  Just before I walked past Funky Murphy’s […]

  • RE-POST……..Still Sweating!!!!!!

    Based on today’s weather and all the commuting I have to do today, I thought this post was still relevant and a bit sad.  This is over a month old and I still don’t have any really good suggestions to overcome the heat!!!!! 6 Minutes= 45 Minutes Sweating on the Train As conditions slowly creep […]

  • The World is Melting…..How do I “beat the heat”?

    The world may not be melting but from watching the weather this morning, if I go outside in Massachusetts today I should be ready to walk on the surface of the sun.  Now this puts me in a bit of a pickle as I need to go outside for a minimum of 45 minutes just […]

  • Cyclists forgoing bike clothes to commute in heels and suits.

    “Move over Lycra-bottomed bikers, racing past in a flash of blinding neon, and couriers, weaving through traffic in edgy-looking gear. A growing number of cyclists are taking to the streets for transportation without changing into special apparel.” Cyclists forgoing bike clothes to commute in heels and suits – The Boston Globe. I can’t say that […]