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  • NEED IT!!!! And You’ll Want it to!

    I need to get one of these bikes.  If nothing else, I want the lock feature.  Check it out, there is a feature for everyone. Audi e-bike in Motion – YouTube.  

  • CarFreeBrad- Blog Talk

    I will be giving this lecture at Clark University and I have mixed feelings about it. The “mixed” part of my feelings comes from my complete lack of idea how to approach it. Apparently it will take place in a room where everyone has a computer and can follow along or practice different “techniques” I…

  • Time + Goals = Networking…….but what about CarFreeBrad!

    It has been a tough writing week to say the least between being isolated in Upstate NY without internet,family issues and starting a new semester.  At this point, I’m emotionally drained and ready to get back to a life free from gut wrenching emotion and constant running around.  One out of two ain’t bad! I…