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  • Foot Problem Solved! Bring on Winter!

    If you have followed CarFreeBrad, listened to CarFree Radio or watched the video tips you know how I have struggled to figure out what to do about my feet.  The obvious solution is to throw on some big ‘ol bad-ass boots and power through.  That is a great solution for some days but not all. […]

  • Pegged Pants, Skinny Jeans and AC Slater

    I may have missed the boat when “pegged pants” where in style.  I can vaguely remember my older sister spending what seemed like hours making sure her pants were pegged just right and I never quite got it. By the time I was old enough for fashion necessities(like pegging my pants) it had fallen way […]

  • Fantasy Sports- I’m finally part of it!

    It has taken well over a decade but I’m finally feeling like a real man because I’ve started my first fantasy sports team.  I’ve spent years having to explain to my outraged fellow-man that I have no real interest in fantasy sports because I don’t care that much about some random shortstop’s OBP or HRs. […]