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  • Close Calls…..

    I’ve stayed away from documenting my close calls as of late because it’s the holiday season and I don’t want to make my mom upset(she worries, it’s kinda’ her job), but I can’t stay silent after the last week or so. There has been ample discussion of drivers, my passionate distrust of school buses and […]

  • Down but Not Out!

    This week I had been feeling pretty negative about my bike commute and the CarFree lifestyle.  It just seemed that there was a lot dragging me down.  There has been the obvious rash of school bus and minivan incidents but it goes beyond that.  I had the realization that day light savings is just around […]

  • Most Dangerous Vehicles on the Road. Gross Generalization Alert!

    While I refuse to make “gross generalizations” about people because that is inherently wrong ethically and when the facts are revealed, this blog is for the most part my observations about things upon which I have done no research beyond my daily commute.  The beauty(good & bad) of the internet is that there are no […]