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  • Most Dangerous Vehicles on the Road. Gross Generalization Alert!

    While I refuse to make “gross generalizations” about people because that is inherently wrong ethically and when the facts are revealed, this blog is for the most part my observations about things upon which I have done no research beyond my daily commute.  The beauty(good & bad) of the internet is that there are no […]

  • Jeffrey Ray Adams assaults Santa Monica cyclist with his vehicle | Bikeside LA

    This story and video was sent to me by my buddy Matty B on Cape Cod.  I tried to formulate some witty comments but the whole this is so ridiculous, I can’t do it. The best I can come up with it to ask you listen to the driver who hit the cyclist as he […]

  • Self-Loathing!

    I have addressed this issue in the past and will likely discuss is many times before my time is up but it’s as true today as it was 6 months/years ago.  The only difference is now I can see that everyone using the roads deals with some serious self loathing.  Whether you know it or […]