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  • Inaugural Ride!

    Today was the first “official” footwear solution ride to the train.  It was only made “official” because there was a dusting/frozen layer on the grass as I rode.  At first it was a little intimidating it being my first “snow” ride. Turns out it wasn’t bad mostly due to the fact that by the time […]

  • Foot Problem Solved! Bring on Winter!

    If you have followed CarFreeBrad, listened to CarFree Radio or watched the video tips you know how I have struggled to figure out what to do about my feet.  The obvious solution is to throw on some big ‘ol bad-ass boots and power through.  That is a great solution for some days but not all. […]

  • REI Bike Support- Peopleforbikes.org

    Just before christmas, I was are REI browsing supplies and freaking out in my head a bit. Before I fully began to melt down at the realization that I’m not ready for the winter, I saw a like bin of buttons and cards.  Obviously I had to have one and they were free so I […]

  • My 1st CarFree “First Day of Winter”.

    Last night I was wondering around REI looking for a gift and found myself spending an extra 30 minutes creating a mental “wish list” of all the things I want and need from a new super bad-ass light to a full face wrap and clear goggles for riding in 10 degree weather at night. Walking […]