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  • NEED IT!!!! And You’ll Want it to!

    I need to get one of these bikes.  If nothing else, I want the lock feature.  Check it out, there is a feature for everyone. Audi e-bike in Motion – YouTube.  

  • “Busch Camo” Still Dominating

    I checked what search terms are getting people to CarFreeBrad.com and couldn’t believe that “Busch Camo” cans are still coming up almost everyday.  I do one post about the Busch Camo Cans and I can’t get away from them, but I’m not sure I want to. Might have just decided what I’m drinking for the […]

  • 30 Degrees will take the tough out of anyone!

    I had a short ride this morning as I had to catch the 6 am train to Boston which is normally kinda’ nice.  It’s just under mile and a pretty flat ride and as long as the wind isn’t bad I can peddle easy to enjoy the time. Today, not so much!  I’m really glad […]

  • Politics of CarFreeBrad

    Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of doing some interviews about CarFreeBrad.com with some really nice and interesting people.  One of the things I have learned other than the fact that I love to talk about bike riding is that nothing forces you to condense your thoughts like having an interested […]

  • The Movement is Catching On…..

    There is no use in fighting it anymore, you can’t outwit fate.  We’ve all been wasting an afternoon and seen one of the seven Final Destination movies where a group of people cheat death but it was their time so they all get killed in the most bizarre ways possible because you just can’t cheat […]