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  • I Think CarFree Radio is Officially Dead

    I didn’t want to declare this nugget of  creative genius dead until I was certain.  At this point, I think I just have to call it. Time of death: March 29 6:20 pm. Cause: Laziness on the part of CarFreeBrad! Don’t worry, if I can arrange some really cool guests and have the time to […]

  • Don’t Expect CarFree Radio this week…You have no one to blame but yourself!

    I don’t think it’s gonna’ happen this week unless someone comes out of the wood work and says they absolutely NEED IT and want to be my guest this afternoon evening. That and the guest can give me the answers to a mid-term I have next week so that I don’t have to learn all […]

  • CarFree Radio- Special Contest!

    Todays show is gonna’ be a bit off because we only have 8 days to reach our goal on Kickstarter for the Freight Farms Project.  Basically, if you want a really good, focused CarFree Radio Podcast then donate money NOW and then get a few of your buddies to donate! I’ve been playing with the […]

  • CarFree Radio- Podcast Only this week

    Anyone who tuned in at noon for CarFree Radio and got a dead signal, don’t worry.  There will be a podcast up sometime soon. The University shut down the streaming studio for the Holiday Break, gotta’ love academic schedules, so I was shut out.  Instead I decided to go rogue and produce my own 30 […]

  • CarFreeBrad Radio Debut!!!!

    This has been a really tough week so far between this cold/flu/exhaustion, rain and kickstarter campaign getting into the critical timeframe below 50% but I think that is all about to change. CarFreeBrad is going multi-media this week, Friday at noon to be exact. LISTEN LIVE HERE I realized it was time to get back […]

  • CarFreeBrad Media Blitz!

    This past weekend I had the initial creative meeting with a talented young woman from Clark University who will be doing a documentary on CarFreeBrad over the next month or so.  It was really great to sit and talk about the experiment and get live feedback from someone.  The best part was thinking about how […]