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  • Bicycle Commuting On The Rise

    CarFreeBrad.com at it again, just changing the game.  Sure I didn’t start this thing until just over a year ago but it seems to have had a Back to the Future type of retroactive effect on the numbers.  Don’t believe me, check the facts. Bicycle commuting is on the rise, albeit from a low base, […]

  • Portland’s Bike-Friendly Formula

    My time in Portland Oregon was tremendous as you all already know if you have read any of my posts over the last week, but there is an aspect that I must address.  The city of Portland public transit. Portland is well-known as the crown jewel of bike-friendliness and it lives up to the hype. […]

  • Net Impact Conference 2011 Personal Recap

    It was a tremendous 4 days in the Pacific Northwest in which the Clark Net Impact members got to experience a bit of everything that the area has to offer from the rural feel of the a mountain side home to the forward thinking Mecca that is urban Portland. I could go on and on about […]

  • Rack of the Year! In A Bar!

    I went to the Spirit of 77 for diner and beers…..this thing forced me to reinstate the “Rack of the Day”. I mean a city has to be #1 in “bike-friendliness” when the bars have bike racks. I repeat, the bars have bike racks! Awesome!

  • Net Impact Conference- Portland, OR

    For CarFreeBrad being in Portland, OR is kind of like being in the promised land.  I’m SO excited to be in Portland.  The last time I was out west my focus was on hitting the backcountry at Mt.Hood and getting crazy with some great snowboarding legends at Windells. This trip will be very different but […]