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  • “Bike Parking”

    I had to post this early christmas gift from my parents. When I got to their house, this sign was clearly planted in the front yard. Safe to say I have their support in my CarFree Mission.

  • Cancelled Halloween….REALLY?

    This has nothing to do with my CarFree life other than the fact that a freak October snowstorm that has paralyzed parts of the Northeast didn’t cancel my daily commute.  I found out last night that the state essentially cancelled Halloween until later this week. I don’t understand this move.  Safety concerns, yes. Power outages,…

  • Happy CarFree Halloween!

    Well, I landed safe and sound from Portland Oregon and all the rumors are true!  Holy Sh*t, it looks like a war zone around Worcester.  I was going to create a commentary on the stark contrast of the huge tree branches full of green leaves all over the streets covered in the white snow but…