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  • Occupy Your Life!- “Free Me” Movement Revisited!

    This is re-post from a few months ago, but given the interest in the Occupy Movement and people beginning to question the moral compass of pretty much everything.  I ask, why not start at home?  A lot of us can’t/don’t want to camp out at our local town common.  We might not be able to […]

  • “Occupy Worcester”- Maybe I just don’t get it?

    Ok, so I’m not a big public politics guy and don’t try to use CarFreeBrad.com for any type of platform(except the whole CarFree thing of course) so don’t take this as political statement.  It’s just another observation in a long line of observations. As a rather simple man, I’ve enjoyed watching the whole “occupy” movement […]

  • Hubway “Occupy Boston” to the tune of 100,000 riders!

    After a phone interview yesterday with Worcester Magazine about the NuRide (www.nuride.com)program and the future/potential for change in the “bike-friendliness” of Worcester, I saw this and have to feel good.  Every step that Boston takes toward 100% bike-friendly status, the closer and easier it is for Worcester.  Not to mention the fact that I’ve been […]