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  • Tough Commute After the Long Weekend

    The ride across town was especially slow this morning, my legs were just plain dead.  I had no pop in the old thighs.  At first,  I was a bit surprised but then a figure it out.  The answer is pretty obvious. This past weekend I spent a great few days in upstate NY just a […]

  • CarFree Hurricane Benefit #1

    You almost never hear about someone missing work because their bike was crushed by a fallen tree! Unless of course your bike was chained to said tree, then it sucks for everyone!

  • Hurricane Irene snarls New York highways, tunnels, sidewalks

      When everything is shut down, all we have left is our bikes.  Gear up and get going(only when it’s safe of course)! Although the massive New York transit system — subways, buses and commuter trains — was shut down in anticipation of the storm, the metropolitan area was still open if you were willing […]