Tag: New England

  • Goggle Weather! Time to embrace the layer.

    It’s that time of year again. As the whole world seems to be holiday shopping, trimming trees and singing carols, I begin to dread/look forward to battling the elements. This year I’ve decided I’ll learn from the past and abandon any notion that I’m cool or fashionable.  It’s all function, all the time.  Freezing rain […]

  • Was that an Ice Cream Headache?

    It must officially be fall because I got my first ice cream headache while riding across town this morning.  I’m amazed at certain new england anomalies when it comes to selective weather memory my favorite being: The first time it snows, even just a light dusting, everyone forgets how to drive, bike, walk and otherwise […]

  • It Must Be Spring!

    All signs point to spring, the good and the bad. The good are easy and very good.  The fact that it’s been 56 degrees at 530 am the last few days makes for a rather pleasant morning ride and topping off around 80 is just plain awesome.  A hidden “Good” is that I activated my […]

  • How to make a Super Bowl Party CarFree?

    So I’m having a Super Bowl gathering this sunday and I’m so excited for it but a bit torn because the quintessential “Super Bowl Party” flies in the face of the CarFree Lifestyle! I’d like to find a way to incorporate CarFree Living into the event in a fun and light way.  I don’t want […]

  • My 1st CarFree “First Day of Winter”.

    Last night I was wondering around REI looking for a gift and found myself spending an extra 30 minutes creating a mental “wish list” of all the things I want and need from a new super bad-ass light to a full face wrap and clear goggles for riding in 10 degree weather at night. Walking […]

  • At Least I Know What I’m Getting

    I caught the weather on channel 5 this morning as I left my apt and I’m pretty sure they were talking snow for Thursday.  Couple of issues with that.  One, I’ll be in Oregon as of Wednesday night so it doesn’t really effect me.  Two, I’m a huge winter sports guys so this news causes […]

  • It’s a Love/Hate Day!

    Ok New England, today is one of  those days.  My morning was free so I was able to sleep in and get some work done but now it’s noontime and I have to go. I’m not sure if anyone has looked outside but it’s Arch-building weather out there today with no sign of letting up. […]