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  • The Largest Bike Ride EVER

    I’m in Baltimore all weekend at my 3rd Net Impact Conference and last night I was overwhelmed for the first time in a long time. So much so that I couldn’t even get myself together to take a picture. With all the amazing people and things that go o. At this conference you would think […]

  • Net Impact Conference 2011 Personal Recap

    It was a tremendous 4 days in the Pacific Northwest in which the Clark Net Impact members got to experience a bit of everything that the area has to offer from the rural feel of the a mountain side home to the forward thinking Mecca that is urban Portland. I could go on and on about […]

  • Net Impact Conference- Portland, OR

    For CarFreeBrad being in Portland, OR is kind of like being in the promised land.  I’m SO excited to be in Portland.  The last time I was out west my focus was on hitting the backcountry at Mt.Hood and getting crazy with some great snowboarding legends at Windells. This trip will be very different but […]