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  • An Overlooked Survival Tool: The Bicycle

    I can’t say enough about bikes and biking.  Even at times when I hate bikes, I love them.  On its worst day, a bike still beats all other modes of transport in so many ways.  Just add one more to the list- Survival Tool! Before Hurricane Sandy took out power, subways, buses, and some roads […]

  • Seriously, You Need To Have One of These!

    If you plan to be car free and like me have only the most basic working knowledge of bike maintenance, you need a great bike mechanic friend.  I was just ridiculously lucky that my buddy Will turned out to be a bike wiz and super enthusiastic to help and/or talk bikes.  I don’t bring much […]

  • It’s a LOT closer than you think

    I’ve been forced to do a number of things on my bike during my CarFree time.  The strangest aspect has been the adoption of running errands CarFree!  The whole process of “getting stuff done” is different.  Like everything else in my life now, I have to plan it better and more carefully.  If I know […]

  • 30 Degrees will take the tough out of anyone!

    I had a short ride this morning as I had to catch the 6 am train to Boston which is normally kinda’ nice.  It’s just under mile and a pretty flat ride and as long as the wind isn’t bad I can peddle easy to enjoy the time. Today, not so much!  I’m really glad […]

  • Put The Fun Between Your Legs

      “Tom Cote, Northeastern’s director of residence safety and security, worked closely with city officials to ensure University’s involvement in the program, which he called a “win-win situation” for Northeastern and its entire community.  Cote said the program builds upon the growing interest among students, faculty and staff for increased bicycling options around campus, and […]

  • I’m not Handicapped, I’m CarFree!

    I am, by nature, a planner.  I’ve gone off from time to time about living my life according to “you never know” and planning accordingly.  I like to plan and I like having a good plan but I’m also very cognizant of the fact that no good plan goes unbroken.  I like to consider my […]

  • Metro – Hubway: The bicycles are coming! The bicycles are coming!

    Here is a great article that outlines Hubway in Boston in case you didn’t have time to look it up already. It launches in less than 2 hours!!!! “Hubway will feature “swipe card” payments and will cost $5 per day and $85 for a yearly membership. Annual memberships for $60 are being offered for people […]

  • Rack of the Day!

    I was at the Worcester Library this past weekend.  Yes, they have one and it’s pretty nice.  I mean a library is pretty hard to screw up, books, tables some computers and you’re done! They had this nice rack out front with one lone bike.  It looked so sad, I just had to snap a […]

  • “It just got real”! Day One!

    It has taken about 5 months of living CarFree and almost exactly one month to the day for my bike commute to become routine. I didn’t realize this was even something that happened until this morning.  Biking has been in my routine for 5 months but today it became “routine” to me.  I was about […]