• MBTA mTicket Experience- Quick Tip for Commuters!

    After a much ballyhooed debut and trial at North Station routes, the MBTA mTicket app is available to me to get from South Station to Worcester! I downloaded it last night and tried it for the first time this morning and things went great!  Other than the downright abrasive nature of the ticket taker on […]

  • It’s a $3 charge, broken or not! Conspiracy Theory!

    Ticket machine broken at union station but they only take cash on the train and the no name ATM charges $3 for cash. No matter how you cut it, my one way ticket to Boston costs $13. If I were UnionStation, I’d make sure the ticket machine was always broken so I could take the […]

  • Real or Imagined? New Phenomena in Boston

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the bike friendly progression of Boston over the past few years and with the proliferation of Hubway I’m able to enjoy the new bike lanes all over the city. Recently I’ve noticed something that has happened too often for it to considered random. It’s the backlash against the bike lane. Not by […]

  • Serenity on Shrewsbury St

    This will be the last time I apologize for not posting more.  I’m busy and my computer screen only works about 46% of the time. Anyway, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of not having time or money to fix my busted commuter bike over the last few weeks and had to use my road bike. […]

  • “Car Free” is on the Front Page of the Globe!

    For all the obvious reasons I love this article about traffic being down in Kendall Square in spite of all the development and growth.  By far my favorite aspect is the  opening scenario that so clearly outlines my Pro-Bike stance for getting around.  Bike first, train second, drive third is what CarFreeBrad is all about. […]

  • If it ain’t fixed, don’t break it!

    I’ve been known to rip on the MBTA especially the Worcester station for the ticket machine being out of order for 6 months but today all is right with the world. The ticket machine is fixed and even has a new sign indicating that it is the last resort for those of us who never […]

  • If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times….

    Now I’m starting to sound like my mom.  This was one of her favorite lines when I was growing but she usually had to say 1000 times before I would listen. I don’t want to/like to bitch and moan about the MBTA.  The fact remains that I don’t have a choice getting in and out […]

  • Don’t Door Me Bro

    I’ve witnessed a new move repeatedly on Shrewsbury St in Worcester.  More often than I’m comfortable thinking about I’ve watched people sit in there parked car with the engine off and lights out(maybe they are checking email or texting, I don’t know) then violently swing the door open like they are executing a drug raid. […]

  • What Will it Cost For CarFreeBrad to Drive?

    Over the past few weeks the positive bike news, moves and articles that I’ve been able to attribute to the existence of CarFreeBrad.com have been flowing like the mighty Charles River. Well it appears the tide has turned.  I saw this article this morning and it just took the wind out my sails because with […]

  • “Hell Yeah, I Love My Car: Living in Boston Without a Car Sucks”

    In case you missed it and that’s easy to do(tiny piece on page 22).  I got a little mention for Freight Farms in the March issue of Boston Magazine. I still haven’t seen it but I did see this article and thought it would be interesting to see what CarFreeBrad readers think of it.  As […]