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  • Dharmesh Shah has OnStartups….

    I’ve Got CarFreeBrad & I love it! As a fan of Hubspot from a product/customer perspective, I’ve thought about Dharmesh’s founding story quite a few times, about how Hubspot got started partially out of his experience with his blog Onstartups while a student in Boston.  Recently, I got to hear him tell the story at […]

  • What Does it Take to be “CarFree”?

      This morning I got a call that I wish I could say happened for the first time but it’s about the third such call I’ve received since launching CarFreeBrad. Today’s call was just about par for the course and started with an exasperated voice on the other end starting off with “What does it […]

  • Serenity on Shrewsbury St

    This will be the last time I apologize for not posting more.  I’m busy and my computer screen only works about 46% of the time. Anyway, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of not having time or money to fix my busted commuter bike over the last few weeks and had to use my road bike. […]

  • It’s Fantasy….or is it?

    Join the Carfreebrad.com Tour De France mini league. I’ll personally guarantee that all your friends will look down upon you and judge you while secretly bring jealous. That’s the pinnacle of COOL! Do it! Password is…. Wait for it…..carfreebrad Visit my mini league “CarFreeBrad.com”

  • In Case You Are Wondering….

    With the start of MassChallenge for Freight Farms these past few weeks the last thing I needed was this computer issue to distract from CarFreeBrad.com.

  • Freight Farms in the Globe, First day of the Tour. Good Little Sunday

    Freight Farms Boston Globe Article First things, thanks to everyone that has supported Freight Farms from the beginning. An article in the Globe is very cool and a serious honor. Not to mention getting to meet/talk to an innovation icon like Scott Kirshner was awesome! Being mentioned in the same paragraph with companies doing great […]

  • My Fantasy is 21 days long and involves spandex! Want to be a part of it?

    It’s that time of year again!  Tour De France time.  I only play one fantasy sports game each year and this is it.  You might not believe me but it’s a lot of fun and you don’t even have to be a bike fan.  Don’t trust me on this one, just sign up and try […]

  • It’s Hot and Driving Sucks!

    I’m not here to complain that it’s been a million degrees the last couple days or to wax poetic about the weather. If nothing else, this heat has served to remind me how much better riding a bike is versus driving. I had the wholly unpleasant experience of catching a ride from Worcester to Boston […]

  • Riding the Rails, Peddling the Streets!

    I’m back at it folks. Freight Farms moves into our office space at MassChallenge in Boston. Today kicks off my summer commuting schedule that puts me on the commuter rail a minimum of 3 days a week. Back and forth Worcester to Boston. As luck would have it my first two days coincide with the […]

  • Considering a BMW

    The way things have been going with freight farms getting good press, investor interest, customer traction and getting into MassChallenge I thought it might be time to consider an upgrade. I mean my bike crankset is all messed up and pieces just keep breaking. all signs point to getting a BMW.